Taxi-Madeira Miguel Pereira Day trips in the Minibus

Various tours are available, but if you have a specific request then I can meet your requirement. Should the weather not be particulary good, I can suggest alternative destinations. 

Lunch breaks can be included within the tours in a restaurant or a typical snackbar.

If you wish to have a day or another time walking on the island, I can collect you and take you to your starting point and meet you at your finishing point at a time to suit you. I can also act as your guide when walking the levadas if you start and return to the same lokation.

If you are visiting Madeira by Cruise Ship I can collect you from the Port and return you to suit the sailing time of the ship.

Welcome to contact  us for explaining you our services and related prices!

Full day trip time: about / at least  seven  hours

The cost for the lunch is not included within the tour price.

There are children seats if required at no extra costs

If there is an important reason the routes can be changed everytime .

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